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Closing the Gap: Finding Better Algorithms and Better Bounds

My research interests are in combinatorial optimization. I design and analyze algorithms for optimization problems arising in areas such as:

  • information science, in particular, aggregating inconsistent structured information;
  • network design, scheduling and logistics;
  • computational biology.
For many problems of interest, finding optimal solutions is computationally intractable. My work specifically focuses on practical algorithms for approximately solving these problems, by leveraging techniques from:
  • discrete mathematics, such as graph theory, combinatorics and matroid theory;
  • computer science, such as complexity analysis, datastructures, and approximation algorithms;
  • operations research, such as linear programming and network flows.
My work has been supported by a Simons Collaboration Grant for Mathematicians. In addition to theoretical research, I work with undergraduate and graduate students on practical applications of Operations Research. In recent project, we used network optimization to optimize the matching of students and pre-major advisors at William & Mary.


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